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Teens Dealing with Change During Back-to-School Season

The global pandemic has impacted everyone, on multiple levels. And there are still so many uncertainties. As we approach the back to school season, teens are facing more unknowns: Will they be at home again this fall, taking online classes? Or will they return to school, either full time or part time? What will it be like at school with social distancing and other safety guidelines? How will it feel to be back with peers in real life after so many months apart?

Dealing with change and uncertainty in a situation that is already creating distress and anxiety can be extremely challenging for teens. As parents, offering teens support during this time can also seem daunting. It’s hard to provide comfort when you’re not sure how things will unfold, and when you’re likely feeling anxious yourself. However, there are concrete ways that parents can help their teens navigate the unknown. Read More...


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