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Upcoming Events


January 16, 2023  (12:00pm)

Powerful Words: Language to Build Children’s Self-Esteem


Learn what words of encouragement you can use to help young people feel positive about themselves, regardless of challenges they may face. Register now.


January 17, 2023  (12:00pm)

Facing Fentanyl

Operation Parent

DEA Agent Wendy Woolcock will share stories from the field and delve into the dangers of Fentanyl. She will explain why as parents we should be concerned about Fentanyl and how we should communicate these concerns to our teens so that they can be protected. Register now.


January 18, 2023  (9:30am)

Real Talk About Fake Pills

SAY Scarsdale

The drug landscape has changes dramatically over the years. All parents and caregivers need to stay educated on current drug threats to have honest and informed talked with youth. Join us for DEA Agent Polieno's presentation on what we all need to know.

Location: Scarsdale Library

Questions? or 914-723-3281


January 26, 2023  (7:00pm)

K.N.O.W 2 Prevent: Youth Marijuana Use: What Do We Know and What Should We Do?

K.N.O.W. 2 Prevent

Recommendations for messaging, prevention, and intervention efforts to address youth marijuana use. Register now.


February 2, 2023  (12:00pm)

Mental Health & Mental Illness: What’s the Difference?


Mental health and mental illness are not the same -- and this misunderstanding can cause us to overlook the signs that someone needs help Register now.


February 8, 2023  (12:00pm)

I Don't Need Help: Supporting People Who Can't See Their Mental Illness


Why do people sometimes reject help? Register now.


February 13, 2023  (12:00pm)

Supporting Emotional Regulation in Kids: Managing Emotional Storms


Despite our best efforts to prepare children to manage big storms of emotions, they will struggle sometimes. Register now.

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