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Uplifted Youth


S.A.Y. is a community coalition dedicated to building resilience among our youth, including reducing underage use of alcohol, marijuana and other drugs that negatively impact the health of our youth.  Since its founding in 1984, the DATF has worked to convene all sectors of our community to create positive change for our young people.  In July 2015, Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling Service (SFCS), an accredited family service agency, assumed the role of Lead Agency and Fiscal Agent for S.A.Y.


To support and advocate for youth in being informed, developing skills, and building resilience to make safe and healthy decisions and to connect youth substance use prevention efforts in our community.


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S.A.Y. utilizes a research-based prevention framework to assess substance use issues among our youth and to implement evidence-based strategies that generate population level change. Our initiatives are informed by science and incorporate best practices to support our youth and community.

Provide Information​

Enhance Skills

Provide Support

Advocate for Change

Colorful Pamphlets

Educational materials 

Community Meetings

E-Newsletter / Updates

Audience and Lecturer


Hidden In Plain Sight

Workshops & Presentations

Volunteer Team

Youth to Youth Training

Health Class Support

Alternative Activities

Justice Scale

Policies and practices in the home, school and community

Educating local and state government representatives

Local ordinances

Empowering youth and families to make safe and health decisions.

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