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S.A.Y. Sponsors Marijuana Campaign Using Pizza Stickers

Students from Scarsdale Middle and High Schools recently participated in an event to spread messages of prevention to the Scarsdale community.

With Super Bowl Sunday traffic in mind, students participated in a marijuana awareness campaign partnering with Italian Village Pizzeria. Stickers were placed on over 300 pizza boxes with each sticker promoting one of seven messages to Scarsdale parents about keeping their children safe, healthy, and free from the harms of marijuana.

“This event is an excellent example of working together with students, local businesses and parents to help youth and families make informed decisions surrounding marijuana”, said S.A.Y. Board member Sharon Higgins. S.A.Y. Co-Chair Amy Rompala added, “Research shows that teens are less likely to drink alcohol or use drugs if parents set clear expectations. It’s never too early to talk to your kids and we encourage parents to talk early and talk often!”


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